An Assault on Fats According to Your Body Type

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Today’s research into nutrition and diets is confirming that not all people gain weight in the same way, and that fatty tissue is not deposited on everyone in the same way. The reason for this difference is mainly genetic in nature, but of course, an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits still play the major role. On the basis of experience, we see that there are women that predominantly gain fat in the chest and hips, some in the gluteus, and others in the waist.

If we don’t take action regarding these critical areas, every subsequent weight loss effort can be very ineffective, if not totally in vain. We usually pick diets at random, following what worked for someone else, rather than actually consulting with a trained nutritionist ourselves. It is not easy to pick a diet that suits your body type, so here are a few useful tips.

The Triangle Shape – Does it look familiar?

If your body has the tendency to store excess kilograms in the areas around your hips and butt, and if you have water retention issues and cellulite problems, you probably have the triangle shaped body type. With this kind of body, it is very important to drink lots of water during the day – a minimum of 2 liters. Cut down on the salt, and increase the amount of whole grains and fish, as well as fruits and vegetables.

This kind of diet should be complemented with adequate physical activity, such as cycling or jogging, gymnastics or light fitness that will help strengthen your hips and butt. You can help yourself with some natural supplements and products that will help with weight loss, such as Formula 1 shake. Look for products that are high in protein, low in calories and fats, and rich in vitamins in minerals. They will help boost your metabolism, protect your cells from oxidative stress, and help your skin look better and younger.

The Round Look

This body type is characterized by a lavish bosom and fat areas around your stomach and waist. In this case, like for the previous, cut down on the salts, choose foods with a low glycemic index, eat fish, fruits, vegetables. A detox course with teas can also help you out, as well as physical activity that will help strengthen your upper body, such as abdominal exercises and running.

The Square Look

People with this body type have similar sized hips and waist, and the fatty tissue is usually accumulated on the abdomen and waist. They may suffer from gases and may often feel that their stomach is swollen or heavy. They should pay attention to slowly chew their food, limit their meat intake and try to get vegetable proteins in their diet. And of course, physical activity to keep their stomach flat. They can try some supplements that will help with digestion.

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