Beautiful Hair and Nutrition

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With the proper nutrition, you can drastically improve the quality of your hair. Beautiful hair does not only come from regular visits to your stylist, which in itself can be very expensive. Many factors can influence your hair quality. Some are tough to change, like genetics, other can be tough to avoid, like a stressful lifestyle, but a change in nutrition can give you excellent visible results – check out this great product Batidos Herbalife.

An imbalanced diet will certainly have an effect on the quality of your hair. Thin, broken hair can very often be a result of a lack of protein, especially keratin. To prevent the weakening and damage of your hair, we should not give up on meat, fish and leafy vegetables.

Healthy Eating = Healthy Hair

This is also one of the main philosophies of Herbalife, whose scientists know that true beauty comes from within – from feeling good and being healthy.

If you have a problem with hair loss, you should include some of the following in your daily diet:

Whole grains, wheat, almonds, foods rich in Vitamin E, such as carrots, spinach… The Herbalife Mutivitamin is a great supplement if you don’t think you are eating enough fresh vegetables.

When the first grey hairs start appearing, foods rich in antioxidants are encouraged, such as unpeeled fruits, green leafy vegetables, yeast…

For shiny, thick hair, your meals should consist of many elements, mineral salts and vitamins. Zinc and selenium are the most important elements for the health of your hair.

Zinc, which also helps against hair loss, can be found in different types of meat, especially beef and turkey, as well as dried fruits, sunflower seeds and the like.

Selenium helps against aging and protects your hair from ultraviolet rays. It can be found in whole grain bread, pasta, tuna, egg yolk, sea food, chicken, milk, yogurt, garlic…

Iron, magnesium and copper are also important for the beauty of your hair. Copper is used to form melanin, a protein that gives hair its color.

If you have broken strands, Vitamin B5 is an excellent choice. If you are including fish, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, you are on a great path.

A healthy and diverse diet is of the greatest importance for the beauty of your hair. You should in any case avoid monotonous diets that revolve around a single food group, as well as rigorous diets. Eating like that will deprive you of all the elements that are important for the beauty of your hair. If such unnecessarily rigorous diets are maintained for more than several days, they can have a very negative impact on the quality of your hair. Check out the various supplements that Herbalife has on offer, and you can then easily correct any deficiencies that may arise in your diet.