Figs – Good or Bad?

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As with all sweet fruits, figs are also considered to be enemies of the slim figure. However, they also contain a significant amount of fiber and potassium, and if they are properly combined with other foods they can be of significant help for weight loss. Check out these great Herbalife diet products.

The common opinion is that figs are not suitable for dieting because of their high sugar content, which is basically an untrue prejudice. To get to the real positives and negatives of figs, it is important to first understand its nutritional characteristics. See the Herbalife Shake here.

Figs Against Feeling Bloated

The first dilemma to be solved is that fresh figs are better than dried ones. Fresh figs can be found from the summer until late autumn. Dried figs are to be taken cautiously, as 100g can contain up to 256 calories and 58g of sugar. So, if we pay attention to our weight, we should try to choose fresh and ripe figs. If you are having trouble being bloated, you can see the great Fiber tablets from Herbalife, which will certainly help alleviate this annoying condition.

The beginning of summer brings us figs that are rich in nutrients, fiber that helps against constipation, and minerals.

Figs and More…

100g of fresh figs contain about 47 calories, which mainly comes from the 11.2g of sugar inside. Figs found in June or July also have diuretic and laxative properties because of the high pectin and mineral content. So, 3 to 4 figs per day will definitely not hurt your diet. One dilemma to be had when talking about figs is the sugar content, which is kind of average in comparison to other sweet fruits. If their consumption is not properly matched with other foods, figs can increase the glycemic index of your blood, your insulin and your fat.

Some advice for those who like to consume figs in large amounts – always combine them with foods that are rich in proteins, such as yogurt, and foods that contain “good” fats, such as walnuts, almonds…

People who like sweet fruits, such as bananas, grapes and figs can allow themselves to take it from time to time if they avoid alcohol, starch, refined grains and sweets, which can cause you to quickly gain weight.

So, figs can be consumed in the summer, but carefully.