Fruits – An Important Natural Supplement to Herbalife Shakes

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Fruits should always be a part of summer meals and beach visits. Fruits are rich in nutrients and mineral salts, and not only do they protect and hydrate the skin, but they are also a powerful natural supplement. Or you can check out the Batidos. Herbalife shakes are great when you add some fruits to them – just take your favourite fruits with your favourite shake, and throw everything in a blender!

Which Fruits are the Most Useful in the Summer and Why?

Apricots, because of their content, can be a very useful fruit. They are rich in Vitamin A, which helps the production of melanin. As is already known, melanin helps the skin tan and that way become more resilient towards the sun.

Even people who are on a diet can enjoy this fruit as a snack or as it contains relatively few calories. 100g of apricot on the average contain only 28 calories. They also contain sorbitol, which helps with constipation. So, with apricots, we can be sure that we will have a dark complexion and a slim figure.

Peaches – A Precious Source of Micronutrients

The Iodine which they contain helps speed the metabolism and quickens the burning of calories. Peaches with a yellow pulp are a great source of carotene, the one that protects the part of the body that is most exposed in the summer period – the skin.

They are rich in Potassium and don’t contain a lot of sugar. 100g of peaches only contain about 27 calories. They are a good detoxifier and laxative. Thanks to their acids, peaches help with digestion and are a good anti oxidant.

Bananas – Adequate for the Summer

People consider bananas to contribute to weight gain. The truth is actually that they help you feel full and limit your cravings for sweets. Eating this fruit during the summer helps our legs – they are rich in potassium, which is generally lacking in our nutrition, and helps our bodies get rid of excess fluids, swollen legs and cellulite.

They are useful for the reintegration of mineral salts that are lost through sweating. Also, they help with hypertension. In the summer, we should try to take fruits that help with the pigmentation of the skin. In particular, these are fruits that are rich in carotene, which stimulate the the excretion of melanin.
What is your personal favourite Herbalife shake/fruit combo? For many people, the Herbalife Chocolate Shake with half a banana is the absolute favourite. How do you feel? Let us know!