Herbalife Posts New World Record

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Herbalife has set a new record in the Guiness Book of World records with a global HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) initiative around the world, that has included thousands and thousands of its distributors and clients.

In a carefully coordinated publicity drive, Herbalife members, customers and other fitness enthusiasts joined in around the world to take part in a training session that will not easily be repeated.

On Saturday at 9:00am, starting with its LA Location and including some of its most prominent members and sportspeople, the global workout began. The coach in charge was Samantha Clayton, a former British olympian and now a full time Herbalife Fitness Coach that promotes the brand and its nutrition around the world.

Members all joined in at the same time across the world, and joined in a synchronised training that was the same from LA to Tokyo. Many local groups organised themselves in big venues, such as indoor stadiums, with hundreds of members and guests attending. Some others preferred to do it in their own homes or local clubs, with smaller groups of friends and family.

The publicity campaign serves to further promote Herbalife’s shift into being more than just a weight loss company, and more a lifestyle company that complements healthy, active living. The main products being advertised are Herbalife 24, a relatively new range of products that are made from athletes – both recreational and professionals who trying to get the best nutrition to achieve the best results in their fields. Numerous athletes have already signed up to the Herbalife program, with the most famous example probably being Cristiano Ronaldo, the Madrid football star.