How to Lose Weight – Prom Edition (Herbalife can Help!)

Hi! I have a problem. I weigh 61kg, and I am 1.65m tall. I am not fat, but I have “thicker” legs. I am starting to have stretch marks on my thighs, and even though they are not big now, I am afraid of what they will look like in a few years. I want to lose weight, but I don’t know how to. I tried just drinking water for a few days, but it doesn’t work. Soon I have the prom coming up too, and I would like to look good. Please help me lose weight fast!

Biggest night of your school career coming up, and you find yourself not looking like you imagined? We might be able to help! Check out some great weight loss products on this site here. Herbalife, as you may know, is a global leader in healthy meal replacements, and can help you shred that excess weight.

In all honesty, you probably have more reasons for wanting to lose weight than just the prom. Stretch marks are nothing special, cellulite is something that is mostly only noticed by girls, rarely boys. They often just see the bigger picture.  We really don’t support what you have been doing – not eating and just drinking water!That is NEVER a good solution, will not give you the results you want, and will probably ruin your health. Take a look at Herbalife Diet products and maybe you will find something there. Those very strict diets where you are not allowed to eat at all (or eat very little) are never a good method for a girl that is still developing. A great replacement meal is the Herbalife Shake. You can mess up your metabolism, and even cause problems for your periods. Besides that, it can change how your body looks, but not in a good way. So, instead of choosing very strict and ineffective diets, choose living rationally. Moderation is always a good choice.

What does moderation mean? That means not overeating, and not eating more than you need. So, eat when you are hungry, and not when you are bored. It would be excellent to avoid sweets, fast food and juices – all the artificial foodstuffs. Instead, choose vegetables, lean meat, dairies… And try to cook, while avoiding eating out. 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks in between.   For breakfast, take eggs or musli, take a fruit or something after 2 hours, and then have some soup, lean mean and vegetables for lunch. Dinner can be similar to lunch, but smaller. If you feel hungry in the evening, take something small, like a yogurt. Treat yourself with a pizza or burger from time to time, but not too often – one time per week at most. When you find yourself eating chocolate, again, be rational and eat it in moderation, just a block for example. Pay attention that you don’t starve yourself, and don’t forget about physical activity. Walks, jogs, exercise, swimming… Take your pic. But, if you choose to lose weight, the best activities are swimming, jogging or cycling.  Good luck, we are sure you can make it!
Tell us your experiences with Herbalife products! Did you ever use Herbalife to lose weight quickly?