Ice Cream and Weight Loss with Herbalife

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During the summer you can allow yourself to enjoy the wonders of ice cream, and not worry too much about your wright. The calorie value of an ice cream is about the same as the calorie value of a sandwich. It is recommended and can be taken during a diet but only as a meal replacement, for example lunch, but not as an addition to a meal. It is important that we choose the right product, because some flavors are good for our health, while others may be too rich in calories.

Types of Ice Cream and their Effect on Herbalife Diets

1) Creamy Ice Creams contain fewer fats

Try to stick to ice creams without conservatives or vegetable fats, and those that are made with fresh milk, rather than milk powder. If you notice that an ice cream is creamy, without little pieces of ice, that means that it is of good quality.

2) Light Ice Creams

They can be called only if they are made from low fat milk, below 1.5% fat.

3) Yogurt Ice Creams

They are considered to be healthier options and to contain fewer calories than the regular, creamy ones. That is true for ice creams that contain at least 40% yogurt.

4) Ice Creams with Coffee and Chocolate Flavor are Great Antioxidants

A group of Italian scientists has carried out research in which they compared various types of ice cream, and came to the conclusion that those with coffee or chocolate are good antioxidants thanks to the cocoa and coffee plant extracts in them.

So, coffee and chocolate flavors are recommended and will be good for you not only because of their amazing taste, but also because of the protective role they play against free radicals that can damage your cells.

Ice Cream can also be be a good part of any diet, if it is consumed properly. Here are a few tips.

– Buy ice cream that contains 125kCal

– Pick fruit toppings instead of chocolate or sugar

– It is allowed to eat whole fat ice creams as well, but take care of the amount

– If you are making ice cream yourself, use low fat milk or yogurt

Ice cream, if eaten properly and in moderation, can help with weight loss thanks to the calcium content, because diets that are rich in minerals can often help with burning calories.

You can also use the amazing Herbalife formula 1 shake to make delicious ice creams. Just do a quick search on Google, you will easily find some good recipes. Let us know what you think!