Herbalife Study – Obesity Damages the Brain?

Obesity is not only a problem for the way you look, but can also have harmful effects for your brain, which can age prematurely because of your excess weight. Cognitive functions can decay faster, and there is an increased risk of dementia with people who are severely overweight. Take a look at some great products for losing weight on this Herbalife page.

This is a conclusion reached by many researchers and backed by much study, that has connected excess weight with the decay of crucial brain functions such as thinking, memory…

Scientific Research About How Obesity Damages the Brain

The dangers of obesity are one of the main motivations for the scientists at Herbalife to come up with good solutions for weight loss. At the beginning of the study, the average age of the participants was 50. They underwent cognitive testing 3 times within 10 years. 53% of the participants were of normal weight, 38% were overweight, 9% were obese, and 31% had a risk of metabolic problems.

The results of the research showed that obese people with metabolic problems showed a much greater level of decay in their cognitive abilities in relation to the people who were of normal weight and had no metabolic problems. The reasons for this are still not entirely clear, but there are hypotheses that the increased blood sugar levels and cholesterol are to blame for the brain slowing down, which can be manifested in the weakening of cognitive capabilities.

However, this is not the first time that obesity has been linked with dementia. To make a clear connection, we need more studies and more detailed research. To me exact, we need to examine the role of genetic factors, as well as how long the obesity and metabolic problems have been present in the participant. Also, it is important to improve the methods of cognitive testing, so that we can better ascertain the connection between obesity and brain functions such as memory, thought and the like.

Previous research has shown that dementia can be avoided with a balanced, healthy and controlled diet, regular physical activity, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring.

Taking into account that obesity can be a grave danger not only for your appearance but for your brain as well, these studies should encourage people to change their way of life if they want long term positive results.

This study is something to think about, and if you are worried about possibly being overweight, maybe it is time to take a look at the Herbalife page we linked above, or maybe talk to one of the many Herbalife distributors that are around, for a quick and easy way to lose weight.