Summer Advice: How to Avoid being Bloated

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The summer is upon us and we are all trying to be ready and fit so the bathing suits fit us perfectly. Some people worked out hard during the winter, some waited for better weather, some went or diets and some modified their eating habits so that they could be ready to hit the beach.

However, no matter how fit and good you look, you should pay attention to your choice of foods during the summer months. Some of them can cause abdominal swelling and the retention of water. Here is a short breakdown of foods and drinks that can cause effects like that.


Usually it is greasy, industrially processed or sweet foods that are considered to be bad for the stomach and one of the main causes for feeling bloated and the stomach swelling. However, certain vegetables can cause the same feeling as well.

The greatest enemies of the flat stomach are cabbage, broccoli and the like, which are in fact very rich in nutrients and anti-tumor substances, but can cause your abdomen to swell. They are mostly recommended for consumption during the winter. Rucola has the same effect. You should also take care that not everyone reacts in the same way to these vegetables, so that the above reactions can be absent in some people.

Foods that are Rich in Sodum

Sodium can cause you to retain water, cause to feel bloated, and can also increase hypertension.

Sodium can be found in frozen products. It is advised that you carefully read the labels on those products to make sure that there is no salt, or at least that there is very little. It is advised that healthy people do not consume more than 6g of salt per day, and those that suffer from hypertension even less.


Drinks are important to pay attention to, as during the summer we tend to consume them a lot. This makes them even more dangerous, as we may not think of effects other than cooling down and quenching our thirst. We should point out that alcoholic drinks, that may be very refreshing, contain a lot of calories. Generally speaking, drinks with the least amount of calories are champagne and beer, that may have other negative effects – the gas that can be an enemy to looking good. You should also not underestimate the non-alcoholic soft drinks that contain a lot of sugar, and can also cause you to feel bloated.